Mobile Mapping

OpenStreetMap Fun In The Sun

OK… Lately I’ve been poking at updating and improving my usual offline mapping setup on Android. For the last few years or so I’ve been GPX tracking my outings, adventures and some other stuff. Mainly for photo geotagging but also because it can be neat to see where I was and when after a day trip. When out and about I insist on purely offline maps too. I like being away from the modern world, notifications and distractions. [Read More]
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Markdown Wins


[Editors note: this post was inspired by ‘Reach for Markdown, not LaTeX’ (link)] Years and years ago I learned about a wonderful markup language called LaTeX. It was far more powerful than HTML, had many templates available, handled math correctly and generally ‘just worked’. Having content and presentation generally separate was a freeing moment in my journey through markup languages. Once I discovered this disconnect I became an instant and heavy user of markup languages. [Read More]

Text Editors

Let the flame war begin!

Text Editor Opinions? Yes, I am a bit crazy, have a few screws loose and am wearing flame retardant underpants while writing this post. This post is not intended to start a flame war but I will be playing with fire a bit. An Alternative Historically I’ve reached for nano, vim, Notepad2, Sublime Text 3 and other editors for my day to day needs. They work well, are ‘simple’ in nature (yeah, yeah) and don’t carry the full overhead of an IDE. [Read More]

GPD Pocket

The Nokia n810/n900 live!

What is a GPD Pocket? The GPD Pocket (link) is a little 7” laptop with a HiDPI (retina) screen. It’s a quad core atom with 8Gb ram and 128Gb eMMC. Basically it’s a modern form of the Nokia n810/n900. In essence: a very capable handheld computer/laptop thingy. This post is all about my experiences with the machine. Why?!? I bought the GPD Pocket because I wanted a little computer/device to handle some of my day to day needs while mobile. [Read More]

Goodbye Google

Piwik Analytics

Analytics, tracking and you Normally I’m not a big fan of analytics and tracking users on a website. It always bugs me. Especially when Google Analytics pops up in NoScript. I’m not really a fan of one of the biggest Ad Agencies tracking my every move online. Unfortunately, they are the least friction to setup and see basic metrics with. The moment you care about deeper metrics or realize you don’t want Google tracking every last visitors move, you’re in a difficult position. [Read More]