Crypto Diversity

Full Disclosure (aka What is KemoNine up to?)

Preface NomRocket recently published a post about diversification and how you can’t lose in crypto recently. I’d recommend taking a second to read it here (link). Good, now that the read is out of the way… Nom isn’t wrong NomRocket makes a pretty solid point: holding coins throughout the top 15 (and 30) is a great way to ensure you don’t lose your ass with dips in the market. The market is still young, and people are running around with great FOMO. [Read More]


What I'm doing with my crypto currency strategy

General Day to Day at a minimum I update my mining spreadsheet for the current days values. at most I finish gaps in the long term plan or redeploy hardware according to need/performance the up front work is big but i don’t putz with things much Keep It Simple I should also mention: kiss keep it simple stupid beyond OpSec im not planning anything grand or interesting. moonshots pay huge when they hit but epic fail far to often [Read More]