Signed git Commits

GPG + git + GitHub

Does it work? Yep! I now have signed git commits for this blog! If you head over to GitHub you’ll see each commit I’ve pushed is now signed/verified with my usual key. Read on for how I got it working and what you may need/want to do for yourself. Resources I did read over the following info before hitting on a process that worked. Thankfully the info is good and very straight forward for a change. [Read More]

Signed Posts

Knowing I publish this 💩

New Footer Links To get ahead of myself a bit: My PGP key(s) are now availble via a link on the footer of this site as well as signed markdown for each page/post I publish. Scroll down to the footer if you prefer to download a PGP signed version of the page you’re interested in reading. [Editors note: lets you verify signed content via their website, head over to my profile linked on the PGP Keys page if you don’t want to hassle with setting up PGP] [Read More]