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Hairy Apes Rejoyce

Full Disclosure To be 100% clear before presenting anything to you, the reader. NOPE I am NOT a shill I am NOT paid by any of the companies named here I was NOT given any products for testing or review purposes YEP I DID seek this out on my own I DID reach out to some of these companies via STANDARD means These are my OPINIONS Length As you might be able to tell by the scrollbar in your browser. [Read More]

Scary Shaves

Trepidation awaits

Full Disclosure A disclosure. Why? Because I want to be 100% clear. I am NOT a paid shill I was NOT given products for review I sought the products listed here on my own A Detour While digging through the world of Safety Razors I noticed that there were a few Single Edge offerings available. Per usual, I couldn’t resist and detoured in my research a little to find out more about Single Edge Safety Razors and the blades they use. [Read More]

Personal Grooming

Shaving - From primate to hairless human

Merkur Before I get into the post, I need to call attention to Merkur. I discovered an interesting piece of advertising as I was doing research for this blog post. It was too late for my razor purchase but what I found may affect your purchasing decisions. They have a promotional image with the text: “Sorry Ladies, Men Only” present. I know my audience and I cannot leave this piece of advertising alone. [Read More]

Sloppy Soap Redux

Yes, more soap. Deal.

One Month Later It’s been just short of a month since I started using Sloppy Soap (link) daily and a few weeks since I started using it all over my body. Face, chest, ass, feet, arm pits. The works. Pretty or gross, I rub their soap without boundary or shame. Last Week Something ‘clicked’ last week. It’s Winter here and very dry and cold. More so than usual for this time of year. [Read More]

GPD Pocket

The Nokia n810/n900 live!

What is a GPD Pocket? The GPD Pocket (link) is a little 7” laptop with a HiDPI (retina) screen. It’s a quad core atom with 8Gb ram and 128Gb eMMC. Basically it’s a modern form of the Nokia n810/n900. In essence: a very capable handheld computer/laptop thingy. This post is all about my experiences with the machine. Why?!? I bought the GPD Pocket because I wanted a little computer/device to handle some of my day to day needs while mobile. [Read More]

Sloppy Soap

A different kind of post

Soap?!? Yes, soap. Sloppy Soap (link) in particular. Someone I follow on ‘the socials’ posted about this artisan soap company and I couldn’t resist. After using their fine products for a month, it’s time to put my thoughts to words. You want this To be blunt: you want to buy a bar, or two, or ten. Seriously. I’ve already bought more based on my initial purchase of a few different bars. [Read More]