Pen Pals

InCoWriMo Extended

Going the Distance I recently finished mailing 32[!] letters as part of the InCoWriMo (link) ‘challenge’. I put out a call online for interested parties on my primary social network(s) and the response was overwhelming. So much support and positivity among the analog lovers online. Some even asked if I wouldn’t mind becoming pen pals as a fun way to keep the project alive long-term. I said ‘yes’ to all. [Read More]

Razors, blades, brushes

Hairy Apes Rejoyce

Full Disclosure To be 100% clear before presenting anything to you, the reader. NOPE I am NOT a shill I am NOT paid by any of the companies named here I was NOT given any products for testing or review purposes YEP I DID seek this out on my own I DID reach out to some of these companies via STANDARD means These are my OPINIONS Length As you might be able to tell by the scrollbar in your browser. [Read More]

Soap "Dishes"

Maximizing Longevity

Just a quick post today. Soap sitting in water is a fast way to have it dissolve. I’ve come to find regular soap ‘dishes’ have shallow ridges and closed edges which allows a lot of water to marinade a bar of soap. When this happens, the soap dissolves / erodes quickly unless you’re vigilant about draining your dish. If you’re going to switch to bars of soap, I highly recommend you consider this when selecting a soap dish. [Read More]

Razors Blade Disposal


Razor PSA Lately I’ve posted a bit about razors. As I was working on a larger blog post about my findings, I realized I need to break out the section on blade disposal. If you’re looking at razors, you NEED to read the below. Blade Disposal There is something VERY important I’d like to point out regarding blade disposal. The blades used in Safety Razors are razor blades and are very sharp. [Read More]

Analog Feedback

A Deviation and positive feels

Feedback I recently reached out to a website owner who asked for ideas and possible article submissions. My ideas were rejected (rightfully so, it was a bit further afield than their norm) but they did comment positively on my ‘no bullshit’ writing style. I won’t lie: that meant a lot. I try very hard to leave my opinions out of things and if I can’t, I try to make them obvious. [Read More]

Scary Shaves

Trepidation awaits

Full Disclosure A disclosure. Why? Because I want to be 100% clear. I am NOT a paid shill I was NOT given products for review I sought the products listed here on my own A Detour While digging through the world of Safety Razors I noticed that there were a few Single Edge offerings available. Per usual, I couldn’t resist and detoured in my research a little to find out more about Single Edge Safety Razors and the blades they use. [Read More]


Why Not

Lately I’ve been tap dancing on the line that defines burn out. I’ve been going strong for over a year now and it’s time to take a step back from tech. I am not having fun with tech stuff that features heavily in my life. I am having fun with safety razors and writing for the blog. I’m not walking away from tech but I do need a break. For the foreseeable future I’ll be writing and posting about the less technical things in my life. [Read More]

Personal Grooming

Shaving - From primate to hairless human

Merkur Before I get into the post, I need to call attention to Merkur. I discovered an interesting piece of advertising as I was doing research for this blog post. It was too late for my razor purchase but what I found may affect your purchasing decisions. They have a promotional image with the text: “Sorry Ladies, Men Only” present. I know my audience and I cannot leave this piece of advertising alone. [Read More]

Sloppy Soap Redux

Yes, more soap. Deal.

One Month Later It’s been just short of a month since I started using Sloppy Soap (link) daily and a few weeks since I started using it all over my body. Face, chest, ass, feet, arm pits. The works. Pretty or gross, I rub their soap without boundary or shame. Last Week Something ‘clicked’ last week. It’s Winter here and very dry and cold. More so than usual for this time of year. [Read More]

Sloppy Soap

A different kind of post

Soap?!? Yes, soap. Sloppy Soap (link) in particular. Someone I follow on ‘the socials’ posted about this artisan soap company and I couldn’t resist. After using their fine products for a month, it’s time to put my thoughts to words. You want this To be blunt: you want to buy a bar, or two, or ten. Seriously. I’ve already bought more based on my initial purchase of a few different bars. [Read More]