Jaguars Are Loose

My strange pattern recognition

Jaguar Attacks AKA: Context Example from real life given by a friend explaining my lateral thinking Someone explains solid plan to rob a bank I respond with: What about a jaguar getting loose from the zoo and attacking during your get away Given my history of calling the oddball scenarios… it’s got 60⁄40 odds of happening if I call it out. So What? I have a knack for finding edge cases and picking the one that’s most likely to happen. [Read More]

Fidesmo Products (NOPE)

Double dipping jerks

I received my Fidesmo card yesterday. I went to set it up with their Android app and NOPE. I will NOT pay you again for the PGP applet.

Screen caps of card (click to enlarge) and app asking me for more money below.


Fidesmo Letter + Card

Fidesmo app asking for additional payment


AVOID -- They are skimming

AVOID MINERGATE, THEY AREN’T GIVING YOU YOUR HASHES!!!! I’ve been working with someone on ideas for more power efficient Monero (XMR) mining. During the course of our discussion and testing they indicated that the hash rates I was reporting ‘seemed wrong’. I’ve got three XEON CPUs, an i7, an AMD FX 8320, pair of GTX 1030s and pair of GTX 730s all chewing away on XMR. Before this post, I was using Minergate as my pool and they were reporting a hashrate of ~1kh/s for all my gear. [Read More]

Bitcoin Fees

Just a random few thoughts in this post. BTC Fees The fees for moving BTC (Bitcoin) around are now higher than a majority of wallet balances. Think about that: a MAJORITY of BTC users can’t move their money without being negative on the fees. Nope I saw this coming awhile back and I liquidated my holdings just before the tipping point when it comes to fees preventing moving BTC around. [Read More]