AVOID -- They are skimming

AVOID MINERGATE, THEY AREN’T GIVING YOU YOUR HASHES!!!! I’ve been working with someone on ideas for more power efficient Monero (XMR) mining. During the course of our discussion and testing they indicated that the hash rates I was reporting ‘seemed wrong’. I’ve got three XEON CPUs, an i7, an AMD FX 8320, pair of GTX 1030s and pair of GTX 730s all chewing away on XMR. Before this post, I was using Minergate as my pool and they were reporting a hashrate of ~1kh/s for all my gear. [Read More]

Mining Fever

Browser Mining I borrowed the headline from Adguard’s recent article about browser based mining with Coinhive. The article (here) is an interesting read for someone interested in mining. It starts out as a post on the relative ‘evil’ nature of browser mining and softens a bit towards the end. Their conclusion is mixed and written in a way to panic users a bit. Here’s the thing: it’s a great strategy to avoid ad networks. [Read More]

Lots of small updates

Tipping Not everyone has crypto currencies to use for tipping, I get it. Thanks to coinhive you can now tip me with Monero (XMR) via browser based mining. I’ve setup the site to include the coinhive widget on each page so you can tip while reading. The widget on each page will NOT auto-mine currency with one exception: the donation page. The donation page WILL auto-run mining. Outside of the donation page; I leave it to you, the good reader to be the judge, jury and tipper. [Read More]

Don't Be Stupid - Have Cookie

This is going to be a mild rant with a cookie at the end for balance Cloud Mining (RANT) Serously?!? Why are there people coming out of the woodwork with their cloud mining setups? This stuff hasn’t been profitible for a long time. The current ‘best in class’ hardware deployed to Azure, AWS, Google, etc isn’t nearly what you’d need for mining. The K80 GPUs can’t keep up with even a GTX 1060, let alone a GTX 1080. [Read More]

Cuda 9.0

Looks like CUDA 9.0 on Linux breaks the latest release of ccminer-cryptonight

You want avoid the update for the time being. Trust me.

This is why enterprises don’t immediately upgrade.

Test test test test test

Poor Man's GPUs

I’m not rich. I don’t have a crapload of excess spending cash. I also stink at long-term savings. This poses a unique problem in that a $1,000 GTX 1080 Ti GPU is wholly out of the question for me until I mine enough profit to pay for an upgrade. Thankfully there are other options that can yield a profit. GPU Coinage Things to keep in mind nvidia GTX 1060 ETH [+ SC]ZEC Flip flop if you see that ZEC is ever more profitable than ETH + SC (unlikely but you never know) nvidia GTX 960 ZECXMR [+ XDN] ZEC has a habit of making the card run warm. [Read More]

Thermal Envelopes

Pay attention to your thermal envelopes and thermals of whatever you’re running for your mining (CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC). You’d be surprised how simply changing the MINER can also affect the thermals of a system.

Turns out swaping the mining software I use on one rig doubles performance because the MINER is more efficient on the GPU.

Lots of variables goes into mining. Pay Attention.