Traveling Yubikey

Time to peace on out of here

Overview Create a new PGP key on a Yubikey (or similar token) Sign it with the existing primary key Publish new key and signing details Keybase Main website / blog Include validity period (start/end dates) Tease out minimum number of secrets needed and setup dedicated password database [qt]pass + Yubikey PGP for encryption [qt]pass is great because you need a PIN for access and you can always ‘forget’ the pin Tease out minimum number of TOTP entries and setup dedicated passsword database KeePass XC in conjunction with ‘challenge response’ of the master database Password can be ‘forgotten’ for access and w/o the Yubikey nobody has access Travel / OpSec 4 Life! [Read More]

Fidesmo Products (NOPE)

Double dipping jerks

I received my Fidesmo card yesterday. I went to set it up with their Android app and NOPE. I will NOT pay you again for the PGP applet.

Screen caps of card (click to enlarge) and app asking me for more money below.


Fidesmo Letter + Card

Fidesmo app asking for additional payment

[Open]PGP Fun

Identity, auth, traditional crypto

Intro Lately I’ve been looking at how I can best leverage PGP to ensure that people reading the content I post or browsing the code I post is in fact, mine. I’ve also been using hardware tokens to secure some of my crypto token wallets, etc. For years I’ve been aware of [Open]PGP and upon further investigation it looks like a natural fit for signing and authentication purposes. This post is about my experiences getting the fundamentals setup, my approach and my next steps. [Read More]

Hardware Tokens

Identity, auth, crypto, moar

What Now? I’ve been working on improving my day to day OpSec and with the crypto token stuff I’ve been working on, it’s gotten even more important. This is the result of a lot of research and fiddling with hardware tokens. Separate pieces of hardware that work in conjunction with passwords (or password manager) to further secure your digital footprint. Please do with it what you may. Hardware Tokens Each of the hardware tokens described here have been reasearched heavily and/or I’ve had the chance to use. [Read More]