Bitcoin Fees

Just a random few thoughts in this post. BTC Fees The fees for moving BTC (Bitcoin) around are now higher than a majority of wallet balances. Think about that: a MAJORITY of BTC users can’t move their money without being negative on the fees. Nope I saw this coming awhile back and I liquidated my holdings just before the tipping point when it comes to fees preventing moving BTC around. [Read More]

Crypto Diversity

Full Disclosure (aka What is KemoNine up to?)

Preface NomRocket recently published a post about diversification and how you can’t lose in crypto recently. I’d recommend taking a second to read it here (link). Good, now that the read is out of the way… Nom isn’t wrong NomRocket makes a pretty solid point: holding coins throughout the top 15 (and 30) is a great way to ensure you don’t lose your ass with dips in the market. The market is still young, and people are running around with great FOMO. [Read More]

Crypto Trading

How the heck do I buy/sell?

Whoops I’ve been publishing words for a while about crypto coins / tokens, but I really haven’t taken the time to give any guidance on how to dip your feet into the pool. That changes now Fiat Conversion First on the list is converting Fiat into crypto. There are a few sites that let you do this and I’ve only got basic experience on this front. I’m in the USA and conversion from USD to any crypto is a HUGE PITA. [Read More]


Confession time: I don’t trade on exchanges [yet]. I’m not a rich person, I don’t have a ton of spare cash flow. I’ve been building a number of long positions slowly via mining and conversions. Once my longs are where I want them, I’ll be slowly building my assets on Kraken, Bittrex and GDAX. I plan on using all 3 of these exchanges for trading (at this time) but I’m not quite there yet. [Read More]



Angry the blood It’s articles like this: link that make me upset. Angry even. Take a moment to read it. Why? This angrys up my blood because Bitcoin was designed as a currency. NOT a platform. Sure, the blockchain is a distributed, immutable ledger but there’s more to it than just those few words. There is the transactions, the data that can be embedded and a whole host of other concerns. [Read More]

ICO Fever

You can't even wipe your own ass

ICO Ahoy! Grumbling while doing research has become my norm. If you see me looking for new tokens expect to hear nothing but a long, drawn out grumble. At every turn it seems to be nothing but marketing fluff and/or an ICO. I’m not fond of this situation. Loss Opportunities I’m on the hunt for minimum viable products and proof of concepts. If you’re doing something with the blockchain, have the decency to show me what you’re actually up to and have some kind of working prototype before you ask for my money. [Read More]

The Least Amount of Information

Fun in the sun Today I got called out for having “The least amount of information” behind the titles of the blog. It was also stated that “[I] make up for it by being clean”. Not too bad, critical but an overall positive. I like clean in my reading. The follow on was: “Anyways I rather see this than suffer the average Medium freshman college essay”. OK, now we’re skewing positive. [Read More]

XEM (NEM) Public Node Launch

Good news everybody! Announcement The public XEM node that I’ve been working on has officially launched 😁 The node is public and works with NanoWallet wonderfully. You can find the node at Setup / Usage Click the Node Button in the upper-right corner of NanoWallet Enter in the ‘Custom node’ text box Click the + to connect Done! Enjoy your time with the node and XEM Delegated Harvesting (Mining) This node is intended to be online full time (it’s on a cloud provider after all). [Read More]

Mining Fever

Browser Mining I borrowed the headline from Adguard’s recent article about browser based mining with Coinhive. The article (here) is an interesting read for someone interested in mining. It starts out as a post on the relative ‘evil’ nature of browser mining and softens a bit towards the end. Their conclusion is mixed and written in a way to panic users a bit. Here’s the thing: it’s a great strategy to avoid ad networks. [Read More]