NXT Public Node Launch

Good news everybody! Announcement The public NXT node that I’ve been working on has officially launched 😁 The node is hallmarked, SSL end to end and has the web UI and OpenAPI available. I even setup an nginx reverse proxy on standard https so you don’t have to remember the NXT port. I even redirect http to https. Even if you forget the s, you’re safe. You can find the node at https://nxt. [Read More]

Jaguars Are Loose

My strange pattern recognition

Jaguar Attacks AKA: Context Example from real life given by a friend explaining my lateral thinking Someone explains solid plan to rob a bank I respond with: What about a jaguar getting loose from the zoo and attacking during your get away Given my history of calling the oddball scenarios… it’s got 60⁄40 odds of happening if I call it out. So What? I have a knack for finding edge cases and picking the one that’s most likely to happen. [Read More]

Realizing Gains

Paper wealth is worth what?

Investing Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose Pretty common advice when entering investment markets. Stocks, bonds, commodities, crypto. They all carry the above warning. I could expand on it but I think others have covered this topic extensively enough. I’m going to move right past that common advice into the next steps. Trading So you’ve invested what you can ‘afford’. Great! Now you’re trading too, right? [Read More]

Full Disclosure

My Current Portfolio

Full Disclosure It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my overall layout of coins/tokens/etc. This post is a quick and dirty run down of what I’m holding, why I’m holding and what I’m doing for trading. I also updated the donations page to better reflect the coins/tokens I’ve been using more and want to support directly. Please take note of these. Holdings / Daily Drivers XEM The coin I love. [Read More]

Killer Apps

They are important

Killer Apps are important

I just read an article titled ‘We already know blockchain’s killer apps ‘ (link) and I couldn’t agree more. I have some differences of opinion on what existing blockchains exist to accomplish each of the listed apps (below). However, the important thing is we DO need killer apps and people to see exsiting and future options as such.

Killer app #1: Dark web and black market payments

  • Monero (XMR)
  • Zcash (ZEC)

Killer App #2: Digital Gold

  • BitUSD/BitXXX (the full set of bit assets)
  • NuBits
  • Other tokens on top of BTS/NXT/XEM pegged against some IRL ‘thing’

Killer App #3: Payments (macro and micro)

  • Nem (XEM)
  • BitShares (BTS)
  • Lots of other ‘currency first’ tokens

Killer App #4: Tokenization

  • Pick one


Begrudgingly back

Despite my best attempts to avoid Twitter in favor of Mastodon… I’m back.

There is too much info about crypto markets and too many players there for me to ignore it any further.

The industrious know where to find me.

Free Idea

Leveraging BTS prediction markets

BitShares BitShares (BTS) has been a focus of my research lately. It’s an older blockchain that’s fast and operates as a suite of financial market tools. It’s quite impressive. As I was doing my research I came across their prediction markets and had an idea after digging into them. This post describes the ideas, gives you some info and it’s free. I don’t have the time or desire to act on this currenly but if you want to… feel free. [Read More]


AVOID -- They are skimming

AVOID MINERGATE, THEY AREN’T GIVING YOU YOUR HASHES!!!! I’ve been working with someone on ideas for more power efficient Monero (XMR) mining. During the course of our discussion and testing they indicated that the hash rates I was reporting ‘seemed wrong’. I’ve got three XEON CPUs, an i7, an AMD FX 8320, pair of GTX 1030s and pair of GTX 730s all chewing away on XMR. Before this post, I was using Minergate as my pool and they were reporting a hashrate of ~1kh/s for all my gear. [Read More]

Blockchain Basics

What is a blockchain and proof of ???

H/T Natty Before I go into this: big thanks to Natty for helping me condense the fundamentals. I think I finally was able to articulate the basics in a distilled form that was helpful to them. They also got me thinking about this post. The blockchain community is very lacking in some fundamental information that would be helpful for non-technical individuals. I hope this post does justice to the conversation I had with Natty and helps you as much as it helped them. [Read More]

Hardware Tokens

Identity, auth, crypto, moar

What Now? I’ve been working on improving my day to day OpSec and with the crypto token stuff I’ve been working on, it’s gotten even more important. This is the result of a lot of research and fiddling with hardware tokens. Separate pieces of hardware that work in conjunction with passwords (or password manager) to further secure your digital footprint. Please do with it what you may. Hardware Tokens Each of the hardware tokens described here have been reasearched heavily and/or I’ve had the chance to use. [Read More]