Blockchain Basics

What is a blockchain and proof of ???

H/T Natty Before I go into this: big thanks to Natty for helping me condense the fundamentals. I think I finally was able to articulate the basics in a distilled form that was helpful to them. They also got me thinking about this post. The blockchain community is very lacking in some fundamental information that would be helpful for non-technical individuals. I hope this post does justice to the conversation I had with Natty and helps you as much as it helped them. [Read More]

Bitcoin Fees

Just a random few thoughts in this post. BTC Fees The fees for moving BTC (Bitcoin) around are now higher than a majority of wallet balances. Think about that: a MAJORITY of BTC users can’t move their money without being negative on the fees. Nope I saw this coming awhile back and I liquidated my holdings just before the tipping point when it comes to fees preventing moving BTC around. [Read More]