A riff on Bullet Journals

BuJo <3

Riffing a monolog or spoken improvisation, especially a humorous one, on a particular subject or: break the rules and see if there is no spoon Bullet Journals (BuJo) The official Bullet Journal site (link) is a full, end to end system of organization. It’s been a huge hit in pen/paper circles for several years now. I read their documentation, tried “the system” and walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. [Read More]

Analog Every Day Carries

No battery, no problem

The Humble Every Day Carry When I first went back to a pen and paper I discovered I never wanted to be without. Rain, snow or shine: pens, pencils and paper will be there for you. Day of night, power, no power too. These simple tools will ‘just work’. I’ve had phones and digital organizers fail because of drained batteries, getting wet and getting too warm or cold. Analog beats digital for an every day carry every time. [Read More]

Anti Bad Habit Notebook

BuJo life hacks

Not going to lie : I have a few bad habits. I’m trying to break them but lack a good ‘visual cue’ for how often I succumb and how bad/good I’m doing. Whilst poking about the ‘tubes the other day I stumbled across Habit Trackers for Bullet Journals (BuJo). After noodling it for a bit I realized you could make an ANTI BAD Habit BuJo spread. Behold! The Anti Bad Habit BuJo [Read More]

Small shops, makers and artisans

Support good people

Analog Fun Lately I’ve been heavily focused on all things analog. Writing supplies (pen/paper/pencil), shaving hardware, belts, jewelry, etc. It’s been a very fun journey but along the way I realized something that may not be obvious : the ‘mass market’ effect is real and tends not to produce ‘high quality’ goods anymore. ‘Unique’ is also becoming an oxymoron. Mass Market / Mass Production I can go to Amazon, Google, others and do a search for something like, say, a ‘razor’ and a nice, very long list of products will materialize from thin air. [Read More]

Pen Pals

InCoWriMo Extended

Going the Distance I recently finished mailing 32[!] letters as part of the InCoWriMo (link) ‘challenge’. I put out a call online for interested parties on my primary social network(s) and the response was overwhelming. So much support and positivity among the analog lovers online. Some even asked if I wouldn’t mind becoming pen pals as a fun way to keep the project alive long-term. I said ‘yes’ to all. [Read More]

Analog Feedback

A Deviation and positive feels

Feedback I recently reached out to a website owner who asked for ideas and possible article submissions. My ideas were rejected (rightfully so, it was a bit further afield than their norm) but they did comment positively on my ‘no bullshit’ writing style. I won’t lie: that meant a lot. I try very hard to leave my opinions out of things and if I can’t, I try to make them obvious. [Read More]


Why Not

Lately I’ve been tap dancing on the line that defines burn out. I’ve been going strong for over a year now and it’s time to take a step back from tech. I am not having fun with tech stuff that features heavily in my life. I am having fun with safety razors and writing for the blog. I’m not walking away from tech but I do need a break. For the foreseeable future I’ll be writing and posting about the less technical things in my life. [Read More]