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GPD Pocket

The Nokia n810/n900 live!

# Contents {:.no_toc} * TOC {:toc} [![GPD Pocket + Credit Card](/img/gpd_pocket/size_comparison.jpg){:width="512px"}](/img/gpd_pocket/size_comparison.jpg) # What is a GPD Pocket? The [GPD Pocket (link)]( is a little 7" laptop with a HiDPI (retina) screen. It's... [Read More]

Crypto Currencies - First Post

# Contents {:.no_toc} * TOC {:toc} # It's simple, really In the spirit of [NomRocket]( and others I'm going to be posting a LOT of info related to crypto currency mining, OpSec and similar to the blog. My strategy, hardware and a host of other cool information will be forthcoming... [Read More]