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A riff on Bullet Journals

BuJo <3

# Contents {:.no_toc} * TOC {:toc} [![Wanderings BuJo](/img/bujo_riff.jpg){:width="512px"}](/img/bujo_riff.jpg) # Riffing > a monolog or spoken improvisation, especially a humorous one, on a particular subject or: break the rules and see if there... [Read More]

Anti Bad Habit Notebook

BuJo life hacks

Not going to lie : I have a few bad habits. I'm trying to break them but lack a good 'visual cue' for how often I succumb and how bad/good I'm doing. Whilst poking about the 'tubes the other day I stumbled across Habit Trackers for Bullet Journals (BuJo). After... [Read More]