NXT Public Node Launch

Good news everybody!


The public NXT node that I’ve been working on has officially launched 😁

The node is hallmarked, SSL end to end and has the web UI and OpenAPI available. I even setup an nginx reverse proxy on standard https so you don’t have to remember the NXT port. I even redirect http to https. Even if you forget the s, you’re safe.

You can find the node at https://nxt.cucountry.network


The node is setup for account leasing/forging as well. I’ve got my account setup with forging and I encourage you to do the same. More information on forging can be found here.

If you want, there is a concept of account leasing (more details) that allows you to delegate forging (mining). If you’re interested in leasing your account and participating in forging, please send me a message (see my NXT address below or any of the contact options in the site footer).

General Details

NXT Address

If you’re inclined to donate, participate in forging or just want to say hello:
My NXT address is NXT-ULK8-QJNG-Z2YP-3GESX
You can also use my @KemoNine alias

Node Details

Hosting provider
Warsaw, Poland
ipv6 Support
Security updates
Automatic (including reboots)
NXT service updates
Scripted via Ansible, manually run

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