Razors Blade Disposal


Razors Blade Disposal


Razor PSA

Lately I’ve posted a bit about razors. As I was working on a larger blog post about my findings, I realized I need to break out the section on blade disposal.

If you’re looking at razors, you NEED to read the below.

Blade Disposal

There is something VERY important I’d like to point out regarding blade disposal. The blades used in Safety Razors are razor blades and are very sharp. Yes, that’s the whole point but when you dispose of these blades you need to be mindful. Nothing worse than a Waste Management person being cut because of improper disposal.

You can get a sharps container or a blade disposal container for cheap and they should be used for your blades. I’ve included a few options at the end of this section.

If you’re worried about recycling or where to turn in the used blade container: Check with your local government, local pharmacy and similar options. A lot of cities have published guidelines for non-biohazard sharp disposal. A lot of pharmacies will take your spent blade sharps container as well. A little research goes a long way for keeping things safe for all involved.

A final thought: if you have a blood borne pathogen such as Hepatitis C be sure to use a biohazard sharps container and avoid the landfill. Please take special care in this circumstance.


[Editors note: all 3 of these are on-order and will be written up more completely in a separate post. If nothing else, get one if you already have a razor and blades.]

Feather Used Blade Case: Link
This is a good option for travel use. Just be sure to tape the opening after adding any blades for disposal.
Derby Razor Blade Disposal Case: Link
A large blade container (think years to fill as an individual) with a focus on DE razor blades. Great for a barber shop or at home. Note: the biohazard label is not uncommon and doesn’t affect non-biohazard use and shouldn’t affect disposal.
Medline Sharps Container: Link
32 ounce sharps container. Holds a ton of blades (think years to fill as an individual). Note: the biohazard label is not uncommon and doesn’t affect non-biohazard use and shouldn’t affect disposal.

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