Full Disclosure

My Current Portfolio

Full Disclosure

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my overall layout of coins/tokens/etc. This post is a quick and dirty run down of what I’m holding, why I’m holding and what I’m doing for trading.

I also updated the donations page to better reflect the coins/tokens I’ve been using more and want to support directly. Please take note of these.

Holdings / Daily Drivers


The coin I love. I’ve been aggressively converting my mining output to this coin/token. It has quality mobile wallets, is easy to use and overall, is still cheap… I expect this to be a daily driver alternative to credit cards and payments long-term. This is a great example of what a coin/token can provide as a daily use case.


A coin I really like but is painful to obtain overall. It’s a privacy coin and it’s the anonymous form of XEM’s currency features. I’ve found a few odds and ends in the wallet that I’m not overly fond of but as a daily driver it could work. Certainly an easier-to-use privacy coin with strong and well built wallets.


The better BTC IMHO. I’m holding this as a way to keep some of my trading gains ‘safe’. I’ve seen some gains from trading and I’ll be using LTC to keep them safe and for realization once it breaks $250-300. LTC is also well known and easy to use with a ton of wallets. That’s a big help.


I think in ETH. There, I said it. I use ETH as a form of liquidity (CryptoKitties and other stupid aside). I also use it for funding trading accounts and I have a tendency to live in the ETH markets when trading. Blockchain contracts are a thing but I have a hunch others will best ETH for contracts. We’ll see what happens in time. ETH is also very well known and easy to use with a ton of wallets. That’s a big help.


A competitor to XEM with a mostly overlapping feature set. I really like NXT but the wallet offerings and overall daily-use integrations are lacking by comparison. I love what they are doing but there is less of a daily-driver rally behind the platform in my experience. They have some interesting things on deck for late 2017 and early 2018 that look promising. However, they are more B2B offerings and less day to day. I hold because I also like B2B offerings but I have a day job and less of a need for B2B.


Mining output. I hold ~15-25% of my mining output and convert the rest. It’s a great alt with promise but until they get the wallet situation improved I’m not holding large amounts. The transactions are also computationally heavy and it looks like hardware wallet integration (Trezor/Ledger) is going to be lacking for longer than I would like.


Mining output. Simple way to get a trickle of value from existing hardware. I hold briefly and liquidate to other coins/tokens when the market is right. This is probably my most heavily ‘traded’ coin thanks to the number of conversions I perform. It’s a good token that’s done a great job pioneering privacy features but I’m not overly fond of the way the z and t addressing works.

Trading / Speculation


Just a small amount bought on a dip. I see $20k in BTC’s future and wouldn’t mind a doubling on speculation. I will bail if it dips again and/or hits close to what I bought it at. I still don’t care for BTC outside of a ‘store of value’ and ‘peg’. I don’t hold except in extraordinary circumstances for these two reasons.


I’ve been getting into more trading lately and DENT/PPT are doing me some favors. I do seem to do better with specific patterns and these two are doing a good job of that for me right now.


A fast moving blockchain that lets you build your own tokens easily. It’s built on top of NXT and will break off late 2017 / early 2018. I bought in on speculation as I see this being a really good thing overall. We’ll see if this goes somewhere.


An ICO from the people behind NXT. I bought a very small amount on pure speculation. I like the NXT platform (minus wallets) and the more I dig, the more I can see them being the XEM of B2B integrations. People have already done some slick things with the NXT platform (NuBits) and I figured the ICO would be a good way to show support for NXT. I intend to bail ‘quickly’ once the NXT snapshot is complete and the ICO tokens can be freely traded.


Lbry is doing some interesting things and was easy to mine for awhile. I got my hands on a little and am watching for the future. I hope they do very well but I’m also not going too deep. I’m focused on other things at present. In the future I expect to be doing more with this coin/token.


Found this by accident and mined a little. I don’t have high hopes but as a very long, why not? I do NOT recommend this token currently. I have a HODL in place and that’s about it. I don’t see it surviving long-term.


Mining output, dumb decision early on. I’ve got a small pile and will be liquidating when I feel the timing is right. I see no need/reason to hold this coin, it’s a hold over from when I initially setup Minergate which I no longer support or use.


The donations page was updated. Of particular note BTC/ZEC/ARDR are no longer present. BTC fees are way too high for sanity and ZEC/ARDR I’m not holding as longs at this point. I also much prefer XEM/PIVX/NXT/ETH/XMR for real world use. As such, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

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