Angry the blood

It’s articles like this: link that make me upset. Angry even.

Take a moment to read it.


This angrys up my blood because Bitcoin was designed as a currency. NOT a platform. Sure, the blockchain is a distributed, immutable ledger but there’s more to it than just those few words. There is the transactions, the data that can be embedded and a whole host of other concerns. Sure, the concerns are technical. HOWEVER, if you’re building a TECHNICAL solution, wouldn’t you care about TECHNICAL concerns?

Bitcoin may stink as a currency (low speed transactions) but the design is for a CURRENCY. Sure, you could probably make it a gold standard (what it is right now) but at the end of the day even gold is a form of CURRENCY.

Why the hell wouldn’t you consider the technical concerns and realize that your chosen blockchian is designed as a currency? That makes no sense.


Doing things better

The US Medical Board should really look at NXT/Nem. BOTH are PLATFORMS and provide notarization and actuarial functions. They can do even more, but in this context both NXT and Nem have the necessary foundation for storing credentials within a block chain (immutable, distributed ledger). Both even have that use case front and center when you start looking into their platforms.

There are a number of projects (hint: Google is your friend) that are building upon both, Nem in particular, for these kinds of use cases. It wouldn’t be a huge leap to integrate around these platforms and deploy something robust and technically sound.

Even better? Both NXT and Nem have been around for years now and they have demonstrated aptitude.

A Plea

Please, if you ever say ‘this should use a blockchain’, look into what’s existing and if the platform makes sense for your use case. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

Bonus sugar if you take the time to consider if a blockchain actually provides value to what you’re trying to accomplish.

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