The Least Amount of Information

Fun in the sun

Today I got called out for having “The least amount of information” behind the titles of the blog. It was also stated that “[I] make up for it by being clean”.

Not too bad, critical but an overall positive. I like clean in my reading.

The follow on was: “Anyways I rather see this than suffer the average Medium freshman college essay”. OK, now we’re skewing positive.

I’ll take it, thank you good person!

Opinions, checked at door

The more I thought about the exchange today, the more I’m glad to hear the feedback. My posts here (especially the crypto ones) are pretty devoid of opinion. Painfully so when compared to most personal blogs. I layout the random and the facts that I find along my own special path. Pretty simple. I leave it to the good readers (hi there!) to apply a bit of “how might this apply to me” and adapt things to their needs.

This may sound defensive. It’s not. This is meant to give you insight into where I’m coming from. Everyone has a style, mine leans to ‘facts only’.

For Example

Poor Man’s GPUs (here) lays out some info about different GPUs and coin pairings. My opinion is very much absent and I don’t really give the reader a next step. I wrote the post intending to omit my opinion. I also intentionally skipped what the next steps could/would/should be for the reader. I want my readers to see the table and take the time to consider next steps.

I actually have each of those GPUs deployed for mining and I mine the listed coins on them. I flip flop what I’m mining based on market conditions (ZEC/XMR almost exclusively now) and profitibility. If you’ve got the money, buy the big ones and if you don’t… weigh if buying the cheap ones is smart for you. I could have put the previous thoughts in the article but I left them out.

Why? Because that’s not a universal approach. Maybe you buy a cheap one to tinker and then go ‘all-in’ by buying the expensive ones. Maybe you say “arm’s for me, I’m going to ignore KemoNine and do my own thing”. Maybe you throw some cash at cloud mining (tip: don’t). Maybe you do something wholly different with alpha CPUs from the 90’s (probably unwise). I dunno, there are options. Too many options.

Everyone’s situation is going to be different and I hope you’ll spend some time thinking before investing. Even $1 can be a huge investment for an individual. I want to make no assumptions about your situation.

Side bar

Almost literally. The ‘Crypto Currencies’ drop down at the top of the site is some extra info with my random thoughts about the whole state of crypto as well as some additional detail I’ve aggregated from my social media posts, blog posts and private conversations where I was passing along some knowledge. The pages are generally devoid of opinion (per usual) but there is an obvious lean towards giving you the resources/tools/information needed to go further with crypto currencies and mining.

On mobile the side bar probably isn’t super prominent and I want to be sure readers are aware that it exists and has useful info beyond my posts.

Opinions are assholes, we all have ‘em

See Mining Fever (here). The first half of the post about CoinHive is dripping with opinion (to me at least). I layout a pretty solid argument for why you’d want to use the service and I hope it’s pretty clear I’m on board (see the widget at the top of every page if you’re not sure).

As I stated above, I generally keep my opinions to myself, but every now and then I let out a small fart that lets you know I still have one. I just keep it to a minimum. The first section of ‘Mining Fever’ is a good example of what to expect when I sneak a cheek and drop some opinion.

Next Steps

I still plan to leave out opinion as best I can but I’ll probably try to include a bit more in the way of ‘what the hell do I do with this information?’ in my posts going forward. After some review and critical thinking, I think it smart to add a bit of extra ‘ok, now what’ to my posts.

To quote @GoldTortoise: “Fuck the noise, bring facts”.

Now What?

Now, I start looking into BTG and WTF the implications may be going forward. The little I’ve seen/heard is interesting and I like the idea of another equihash being deployed. I don’t know enough to speak about the coin, but I like what I’ve heard to date.

Expect my version of an opinion piece with some follow on at some point ‘soon’.

Feedback Welcome

As a final thought: I do really appreciate feedback. If you’ve got some thoughts or ideas or whatnot, you can find me at various places online via the footer badges/links.

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