Mining Fever

Browser Mining

I borrowed the headline from Adguard’s recent article about browser based mining with Coinhive. The article (here) is an interesting read for someone interested in mining.

It starts out as a post on the relative ‘evil’ nature of browser mining and softens a bit towards the end. Their conclusion is mixed and written in a way to panic users a bit.

Here’s the thing: it’s a great strategy to avoid ad networks. If you’re even minimally privacy concerned, don’t have a high volume site or just don’t like the ad networks you’re stuck for generating even pennies in revenue.

We run ad blockers, script blockers and a host of browser bloating add ons/extensions in order to prevent ads from hogging precious resources. Mining in the browser requires fewer resources than the ad networks video and high gloss graphics. Nevermind the fact you can’t opt out of a websites ads. Heck, even some websites force you to disable ad blockers, privacy filters and a bunch of other self-protection means in order to use their website (*cough*forbescough).

By adopting opt-in browser mining on this site (Coinhive) and other web properties I empower my users. People visit this site because of crypto currency musings, technical thoughts and maybe more. I don’t trust ad networks, my readers likely block them anyway. On top of that, I don’t want to force users into any form of donation or payment. I do want to reduce the friction for a well meaning individual to tip me, donate or otherwise transfer value to myself.

Browser mining is perfect. Click the button and let it sit for 5 seconds, 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days. Your choice. It consumes far fewer resources than video ads and it’s wholly opt-in for my configuration. I also really appreciate the widget for mining doesn’t track my users. I get value, they get privacy.

Even better? By default the various script and ad blockers block the widget. All a user is going to see is a ‘please enable’ message if they are running blockers.

Browser mining is a big incentive for those of us who still care about privacy, user empowerment and being good citizens of the internet. Don’t demonize something good because shady websites are using it for something bad. There’s a reason they are considered shady websites.

Mining Rig Updates

In other thoughts, it’s time to spill the beans on my mining effort changes.

The hash power of my mining efforts has been aimed in a new direction. I finally threw in the towel on mining ETH. The slow shift to proof of stake from proof of work as well as reduced block rewards has me looking elsewhere. I can’t earn enough coins via mining for timely payouts.

It’s time to move my efforts to other proof of work coins.

Interestingly I get more coins and the same value elsewhere. Pretty nice, I get more coinage with the same value. Over time I hope the increased market value drags these coins up as well. Win-Win. Better long-term profit if current trends generally hold.

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