Lots of small updates


Not everyone has crypto currencies to use for tipping, I get it. Thanks to coinhive you can now tip me with Monero (XMR) via browser based mining. I’ve setup the site to include the coinhive widget on each page so you can tip while reading.

The widget on each page will NOT auto-mine currency with one exception: the donation page. The donation page WILL auto-run mining.

Outside of the donation page; I leave it to you, the good reader to be the judge, jury and tipper.

Mining tracking

I’ve updated my tracking template to incude a number of additional currencies. The file has been updated and you can grab it here (link). You want this, trust me.

Other misc updates

I also cleaned up some text, comments, etc. Nothing too visible and nothing particularly noteworthy. Just know I fixed a few oddball sentences, words and spelling mistakes. 😉

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