Don't Be Stupid - Have Cookie

This is going to be a mild rant with a cookie at the end for balance

Cloud Mining (RANT)

Serously?!? Why are there people coming out of the woodwork with their cloud mining setups? This stuff hasn’t been profitible for a long time. The current ‘best in class’ hardware deployed to Azure, AWS, Google, etc isn’t nearly what you’d need for mining. The K80 GPUs can’t keep up with even a GTX 1060, let alone a GTX 1080. On top of that the CPU coins (cryptonight in particular) have had their difficulty skyrocket over the last 6-12 months. You’ll earn 3 cents per hour on some of the biggest compute nodes in the cloud.

Don’t believe me: here. Let that sink in. You LOSE money at a pretty solid rate.

This ship sailed long ago. Don’t buy the hype.

Mining Deployments - Have a Cookie

Wholly self-contained mining deployments on Ubuntu 16.04. I figured it out, I give it to you because I’m cool like that. The code is here. It’s a self-contained Ansible setup that’ll deploy mining on an Ubuntu 16.04 rig.

I even created a simple bash script that’ll do all the necessary pre-flight setup you need and will run the Ansible playbook/roles. The script is here

This will even work great on a cloud provider. Yeah, I vetted it on the cloud. Mental masturbation with a happy ending. I still say bare metal but I’ll leave it to you.