Crypto Currencies - First Post

It’s simple, really

In the spirit of NomRocket and others I’m going to be posting a LOT of info related to crypto currency mining, OpSec and similar to the blog. My strategy, hardware and a host of other cool information will be forthcoming

Post Storm

I’ve been posting a lot of information between Mastodon and Google+ and it’s high time I put it all in one place for people. There is going to be a post storm over the next day/two/three/???? as I cull the useful bits and start the process of keeping a blog. Now would be a good time to subscribe to the RSS feed (link in footer). You’re also welcome to message me via any of the social links (see the footer) for asking me to write on any topics. If I’ve got notes or info I’ll see what I can do 😉

Why share crypto currency strategy for free you ask?

First and foremost: you’re probably wondering why I’d give this stuff away. Much like the person(s) behind NomRocket, this isn’t hard. It just takes some time to sit down, research, organize some notes and deploy solutions. Time is key, brainpower wholly secondary. On top of that there is some economics involved:

  • more interest = more people involved = more trading = more perceived value
  • I’m interested in a passive income stream (you should be interested too)
  • The more value I create for others, the more value I create for myself by proxy


Before you get too deep into this world, think about OpSec and Threat Modeling a bit. I’ve got some notes here (link) that you can review after reading about both OpSec and Threat Models. There is a reason I bring this up but I leave it an exercise to the reader to figure out the why.


I’ll open the onslaught of posts with some freebies that I’ll be maintaining over time. No promises on updates. These pages will be arbitrary snapshots of what I’m doing.

I’ll be updating the blog when I update these pages. Subscribe to the RSS feed here (link) for updates.


Some basic strategy and how I’m running my crypto currency ‘stuff’ will be here (link). This has what I’m doing, how I’m managing my mining/coinage/etc.


Some basic thoughts and musings on the economics of managing trading/mining/etc will be here (link). Nothing that smart people haven’t covered in depth. Build on this with standard economic theory. If nothing else start with the fundamental ideas here and think them through.


Some basic info on my hardware selection, thoughts, comments, ideas will be here (link). This is semi-fluid and based on my needs. You’ll likely want to adapt your approach much like I adapted NomRocket’s approach.

Tracking Documents

One of the more critical aspects of managing mining/trading/etc is TRACKING EVERYTHING for tax purposes. I’ve published what I use for tracking here (link). Start with this and adapt to your needs.

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