Template documents to ease tracking of crypto currencies

Cold Storage / Mining Wallets

The template I use for tracking my cold storage and mining pool wallets. Great for tracking longs (cold storage) and unpaid mining holdings.

The template is here (link)


I have finally started a basic trading tracking spreadsheet. I use this to track any buys/sells/conversions. I track any time I transfer between sites (ie. Coinbase -> cold storage), use Changelly to swap coins directly (ie. ETH -> XEM) and to track buys/sells on exchanges (ie. Bittrex ETH -> XEM or XEM -> ETH buy/sell orders). I also track Fiat -> Cryipto buys (ie. Coinbase, Kraken buys) in this spreadsheet.

The template is here (link)

Exchange Wallets

The template I use for tracking my exchange wallet balances. I’ve found it useful for tracking the overall amount(s) in my different exchange wallets. I’ve create one spreadsheet per exchange.

The template is here (link)

Mining Output

The template I use for tracking my mining output from various pools. This is very handy for tacking any mining pool [auto-]withdrawls. It’s also helpful if you ever have to show where your coinage originated.

This isn’t strictly necessary as the cold storage/mining wallet template can serve the same overall purpose. However, I find it easier to visualize my coinage on a more fine-grained scale. Especially since my exchange coins are far more liquid. I’m more willing to trade Exchange coins than anything in my cold storage/long term wallets.

The template is here (link)


I’d recommend reviewing the NomRocket (link) tracking spreadsheet as well. If nothing else, take a look. I used this as a starting point for all of the templates on this page.

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