What I'm doing with my crypto currency strategy


Day to Day

at a minimum I update my mining spreadsheet for the current days values.

at most I finish gaps in the long term plan or redeploy hardware according to need/performance

the up front work is big but i don’t putz with things much

Keep It Simple

I should also mention: kiss

keep it simple stupid

beyond OpSec im not planning anything grand or interesting. moonshots pay huge when they hit but epic fail far to often

im not interested in wasting gray matter on the moon. ill stay focused on the boring at home. far more productive than finding the moonshot that pays

Long Positions

I have longs in xem, nxt, ardr and a few others. I would have long’s in zec and xmr but I normally convert them immediately to PoS currencies.


Mining Strategy

my mining strategy is pretty simple

track a couple very smart people and how they manage mining for exchanges. mine well traded coins from their list. hold the coins as longs in cold wallets. cash out every 300-1500 until 3-5 miners are generating 100-500/wk

simple, easy and pain free.

what’s best? you can boot strap the process with CPU mining. it’ll take awhile for the first 300 (buy a decent GPU) but over time you start mining real value

money snowballs, put it to work in the background.

Dual Mining

I setup xdn and sc as dual mining coins (where appropriate). it doesn’t generate much but it does bump my productive output just enough to be useful

Mining Pools

I’m appreciating taking the advice I was given via NomRocket to join flypool and nanopool. automatic payouts and minimal fees.

perfect for long positions.

set and forget us a wonderful option. less brainpower

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