Mining Hardware

Thoughts, ideas and things you didn't realize you wanted to know about crypto currency mining hardware

CPU Mining

Cores and Threads

cores are not the same as threads. watch your 💩 when considering performance

threads and cores are NOT created equal. best to remember this quirk of specs

Tuning Musings

If I told you some CPUs do best with mining if you leave 1-2 cores unused?

Would that rock your world or blow your mind?

CPUs have finite caches and different models (i7/Xeon/Bulldozer/etc) all are DIFFERENT in terms of core performance for crypto.

Sometimes it really is best to leave some extra capacity.

I leave 2 (TWO) cores on a hexa core Xeon free. I make MORE money this way.

Fiddle, tune, adapt.

Even better?

If you leave cores idle the CPU is likely drawing LESS power. You’re getting more mining capacity at LESS cost.



PCIe Bus Expansion

heh. PCI expanders are incredibly expensive. It looks like I can match their density with dedicated 1 and 2u servers for anything that’s not very very specialized and ultra expensive.

now a milk crate with a simple backplane? yeah, super cheap and just as dense

the super micro GPU rigs are on point for what I’d expect in terms of cost from a national reseller. if these rigs support non Tesla / phi cards they are clear winners. I especially like how they are optimized for GPU over all else and give me good ipmi options. perfect for a farm on power that’s free

nvidia Quadro vs GeForce vs Tesla vs Others

quadro and GTX nvidia cards leverage different drivers / cuda code paths.

windows will get confused if you run both in a single system while Linux can use both but not in the same process at the same time.

the only way to use both in a single system is on Linux with two separate processes aimed at individual types of cards

GPU / PCIe Card Layouts

pay attention to your cooling and card layouts relative to CPU and disk. See that GTX 1060?

server guts{:height=“512px”}

It needs AIR and its surrounded by a Xeon hexa core on one side and the main case fans blowing past 6 hard drives on another side. Anything else in the x16 slot in front blocks BOTH cooling fans. NOT ideal.

See that GTX 730 right in front of it? Yeah, that was a cooling solution trick. The GTX 730 is low profile and passively cooled. Even better is it only blocks ~25% of the GTX 1060 cooling. Enough to bump the temp by 2C but not enough to press into thermal throttles.

I get an extra Xeon core of XMR performance while keeping that GTX 1060 happy and just under the thermal envelope. Now I can mine non stop ZEC or ETH with reasonable performance.

Two GTX 1060s in this machine nets LESS profit than a single GTX 1060 + GTX 730.

Think and adapt. Don’t be brainless.

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