NXT Public Node Launch

Good news everybody! Announcement The public NXT node that I’ve been working on has officially launched 😁 The node is hallmarked, SSL end to end and has the web UI and OpenAPI available. I even setup an nginx reverse proxy on standard https so you don’t have to remember the NXT port. I even redirect http to https. Even if you forget the s, you’re safe. You can find the node at https://nxt. [Read More]

Hello Hugo

An overhaul for the better

And with that this site is now generated by Hugo (link). Jekyll had become unmanagable for me. Lots of Vagrant/VMWare tricks and it wasn’t worth my extra time.

I’ve been working with Hugo for another project (more on that soon) and… it’s a much easier system to use day to day.

If you notice anything wrong with the site, please let me know via one of the footer links.


Traveling Yubikey

Time to peace on out of here

Overview Create a new PGP key on a Yubikey (or similar token) Sign it with the existing primary key Publish new key and signing details Keybase Main website / blog Include validity period (start/end dates) Tease out minimum number of secrets needed and setup dedicated password database [qt]pass + Yubikey PGP for encryption [qt]pass is great because you need a PIN for access and you can always ‘forget’ the pin Tease out minimum number of TOTP entries and setup dedicated passsword database KeePass XC in conjunction with ‘challenge response’ of the master database Password can be ‘forgotten’ for access and w/o the Yubikey nobody has access Travel / OpSec 4 Life! [Read More]

A riff on Bullet Journals

BuJo <3

Riffing a monolog or spoken improvisation, especially a humorous one, on a particular subject or: break the rules and see if there is no spoon Bullet Journals (BuJo) The official Bullet Journal site (link) is a full, end to end system of organization. It’s been a huge hit in pen/paper circles for several years now. I read their documentation, tried “the system” and walked away with a bad taste in my mouth. [Read More]

Analog Every Day Carries

No battery, no problem

The Humble Every Day Carry When I first went back to a pen and paper I discovered I never wanted to be without. Rain, snow or shine: pens, pencils and paper will be there for you. Day of night, power, no power too. These simple tools will ‘just work’. I’ve had phones and digital organizers fail because of drained batteries, getting wet and getting too warm or cold. Analog beats digital for an every day carry every time. [Read More]

Anti Bad Habit Notebook

BuJo life hacks

Not going to lie : I have a few bad habits. I’m trying to break them but lack a good ‘visual cue’ for how often I succumb and how bad/good I’m doing. Whilst poking about the ‘tubes the other day I stumbled across Habit Trackers for Bullet Journals (BuJo). After noodling it for a bit I realized you could make an ANTI BAD Habit BuJo spread. Behold! The Anti Bad Habit BuJo [Read More]

Mobile Mapping

OpenStreetMap Fun In The Sun

OK… Lately I’ve been poking at updating and improving my usual offline mapping setup on Android. For the last few years or so I’ve been GPX tracking my outings, adventures and some other stuff. Mainly for photo geotagging but also because it can be neat to see where I was and when after a day trip. When out and about I insist on purely offline maps too. I like being away from the modern world, notifications and distractions. [Read More]
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Small shops, makers and artisans

Support good people

Analog Fun Lately I’ve been heavily focused on all things analog. Writing supplies (pen/paper/pencil), shaving hardware, belts, jewelry, etc. It’s been a very fun journey but along the way I realized something that may not be obvious : the ‘mass market’ effect is real and tends not to produce ‘high quality’ goods anymore. ‘Unique’ is also becoming an oxymoron. Mass Market / Mass Production I can go to Amazon, Google, others and do a search for something like, say, a ‘razor’ and a nice, very long list of products will materialize from thin air. [Read More]

Markdown Wins


[Editors note: this post was inspired by ‘Reach for Markdown, not LaTeX’ (link)] Years and years ago I learned about a wonderful markup language called LaTeX. It was far more powerful than HTML, had many templates available, handled math correctly and generally ‘just worked’. Having content and presentation generally separate was a freeing moment in my journey through markup languages. Once I discovered this disconnect I became an instant and heavy user of markup languages. [Read More]

Text Editors

Let the flame war begin!

Text Editor Opinions? Yes, I am a bit crazy, have a few screws loose and am wearing flame retardant underpants while writing this post. This post is not intended to start a flame war but I will be playing with fire a bit. An Alternative Historically I’ve reached for nano, vim, Notepad2, Sublime Text 3 and other editors for my day to day needs. They work well, are ‘simple’ in nature (yeah, yeah) and don’t carry the full overhead of an IDE. [Read More]